Channel Manager

With the Channel Manager you do not need any more to login several times,
or remember the rates and the availability for each period!

Updating a simplified calendar, the minimum price per stay and the availability will be automatically sent to all the sites with which you collaborate!
The availability will be updated automatically every time you register a new booking.
Updating EasyHotelia automatically every time you receive a Reservation from any site that you collaborate!
So, no need to enter manually the details of a Reservation from a Fax or Email!
  • Cloud Based; no installation required
  • Avoid overbooking and boost the sales
  • At the cheapest Rates on the Market
  • Integration to Hotel Booking Engines
  • Booking Reports / Channel Segmentation
  • Improve Hotel’s occupancy and profits
  • Modify rates and automatically update across multiple channels
  • Maximum reliability and safety connection Certified Xml 2 ways
EasyHotelia,Channel Manager

Update your availability and rates in one place

All the Channels You Need

Setup rates and availability on all the channels (e.g. Booking, Expedia, HostelWorld) you wish to connect to with ease.

Integrated Updates in Real-time

EasyHotelia pushes real-time updates to all of your channels so you are in sync!

Industry Leading Deliverability

Sit back and relax as EasyHotelia sends reservation information from each channel back to you

Connected Channels (OTAs)

GDS Connectivity sites